Born in Perugia in 1975, Matteo Ciampica reveals since his childhood a precocious talent for figurative arts. After having completed the studies at the Institute of Art in Perugia, he dedicates completely and totally to painting, making art not only his job but his lifestyle. In the early 90’s he opens his own atelier in Castel Rigone, where he lives and paints, carrying out an intense and fruitful research, especially in the cycle of canvases Aphonia painted in the last decade. In this work he proposes an aesthetic reflection on the relationship between language of abstraction and Symbolistic sign alphabet.His painting, instinctive in the brush stroke and disruptive for visual and emotional intensity, reveals at the same time an absolute control of the expressive means, refined through years of experimentation on the sensorial properties and the highly tactile qualities of color. Artist selected in 2017 by the Etro maison among the young talents of the "Circle of poets", in the same year he participated in the collective exhibition "Raccontarsi" at the "La Telaccia" Art Gallery in Turin, he exhibited works at the bank BCC of Perugia and was the protagonist of the solo exhibit Axis Mundi at the exhibition space of the church of San Bartolomeo in Castel Rigone (PG). In 2018 two works of the cycle Aphonia were included in the Sgarbi Collection of Contemporary Art and published in the volume of prints and drawings of this prestigious collection; in the same year, he participated in the collective exhibit "Van Gogh Prize - International Art Exhibition" curated by Sandro Serradifalco at the former Benedictine Monastery of Monreale (Palermo).